SHIPS:  Asperger’s-afflicted heroines and killer corporate types and disembodied aliens…Oh My!  Gorgeous, and born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, Veronica Hamilton has never had to interrupt her dreamy sentimentality to question her cultural snobbery or even whether or not that diagnosis of Asperger’s was accurate.  But that was before her fabulously wealthy CEO husband framed her for the murders he committed.  Now she’s fleeing across “fly-over” America with the pedal to the metal of her burgundy-upholstered Rolls.  Meanwhile, barreling toward Earth, Histus is suffering from extreme sensory deprivation because he no longer has a body.  But his gas-giant home planet has been annihilated, and the only way to survive was to upload his consciousness into his crippled ship.  What could these two have in common?  Oh, and incidentally, will they save the planet Earth?  “Sue Hollister Barr’s Ships references Longfellow’s ships that pass in the night, but in this case one ship is a huge alien vessel, and the other is the planet Earth.  And they don’t pass unseen.  Raucous, witty humor and intriguing characters (including disembodied aliens, a trophy wife wanted for murder and the denizens of a tiny Kansas town) make for a wonderfully fun, and in places quite beautiful, read.”  Sondra Fink, Psycho-Girl.Com

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How underground artist Chas. Stryker envisions the world of SHIPS…

BOOMERS FOR THE STARS:  Second of my three sci fi novellas.  Thanks to stellar advances in longevity, Earth is overrun by Baby Boomers well into their hundreds.  Social Security being the stuff of history books, subsequent generations must find some way to put all those Boomers to good use…challenging since few have minds that have survived along with their bodies.  But the silver lining is that few can complain about what some of those uses are.  Mary, born in rural Virginia in 1948, never was the good girl just hoping to catch a husband that her family expected.  Instead of just minding her evening chores, she memorized the constellations as she marveled at the majesty of the night sky.  All she ever wanted was to somehow, someday make it to the stars.  Now, in a charity nursing home amidst the rubble of what’s now a post-industrial Africa, she might finally have lived long enough to see her wish come true.  But only if she can escape her nursing home, free the other Boomers there…including the one who thinks she’s Marilyn Monroe and the one who thinks he’s Napoleon…and remember what her own name is.

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ROCOCO:  It’s the year 2100.  Nan has had to leave her peaceful home above what used to be the Arctic Circle for something extraordinarily old-fashioned: a physical meeting with someone in, of all places, a city.  If she doesn’t contract a fatal disease first, she might just choke to death on the Rococo holography currently choking Manhattan.  And why hasn’t she heard anything from her best friend, Trix?  Must she have dinner with the elusive boss who hired her to get those annoying aliens off welfare and back to their home planet?  Annoying.  Especially when she could print up a better meal back home.  But things are about to get a whole lot worse…  “Sue Hollister Barr’s characters will draw you into this tale, leading you through fantastic settings and swirling twists.”  Amanda Coffin, Editor.

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TWISTED (new, much-improved author’s edition from 2015):  A classic horror novel made even better.  Literate, dark humor peppers this popular tale of 60s hippies that has been selling since first published in 1992.  Greater depth and additional twists add to the fun in this new author’s edition as ill-fated friends making their way between two oceans create their own ocean of blood.

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TWISTED (original, conventionally published version from 1992):  A classic horror novel.  As a maniacal killer stalks the youth around San Francisco in the 1960s, a mismatched busload of hippies tries to escape by fleeing cross-country.  But of course the evil is lurking ahead of them, not behind.


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