Check out my newly released sci fi novella, Rococo!

ROCOCO:  A sci fi novella I had a lot of fun writing!  Even the two years I spent researching our future as predicted by a truly diverse collection of people…but including those paid the big bucks to make accurate calls in such matters for major corporations.  Personally, I love this novella, and its sales so far would seem to indicate that I’m not alone, but in case you’d (somewhat understandably!) prefer a somewhat more objective opinion before spending your hard-earned cash on a copy:

“Welcome, my dearest dear, to Rococo…a novella with as many plot flourishes as its name suggests.  In a richly imagined future, Nan is designing the propulsion system for a vessel with a mysterious itinerary, and she’s working for an elusive boss.  Her work, she discovers, is of interest to many parties, and she has the dark suspicion that not all of that interest is healthy.  There is indeed something sinister afoot, and the voice of Nan’s grandfather echoes in her mind:  ‘Only you can overcome this.’  Sue Hollister Barr’s characters will draw you into this tale, leading you through fantastic settings and swirling twists.” Amanda Coffin, Editor.

Ready to buy now?  Hmmm?  Hmmm?  (The Kindle version’s only 99 cents!)  If so, Rococo‘s currently available a number of different places including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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