TWISTED (original, conventionally published version from 1992):  A classic horror novel.  As a maniacal killer stalks the youth around San Francisco in the 1960s, a mismatched busload of hippies tries to escape by fleeing cross-country.  But of course the evil is lurking ahead of them, not behind.


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Twisted (1992 mass market paperback) BUY ON BARNES & NOBLE

TWISTED (new, much-improved author’s edition from 2015):  A classic horror novel made even better.  Literate, dark humor peppers this popular tale of 60s hippies that has been selling since first published in 1992.  Greater depth and additional twists add to the fun in this new author’s edition as ill-fated friends making their way between two oceans create their own ocean of blood.


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Twisted (2015 new author’s edition, Kindle version) BUY ON AMAZON

ROCOCO:  What should soon be a classic sci fi novella.  “Welcome, my dearest dear, to Rococo…a novella with as many plot flourishes as its name suggests.  In a richly imagined future, Nan is designing the propulsion system for a vessel with a mysterious itinerary, and she’s working for an elusive boss.  Her work, she discovers, is of interest to many parties, and she has the dark suspicion that not all of that interest is healthy.  There is indeed something sinister afoot, and the voice of Nan’s grandfather echoes in her mind:  ‘Only you can overcome this.’  Sue Hollister Barr’s characters will draw you into this tale, leading you through fantastic settings and swirling twists.” Amanda Coffin, Editor.


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BOOMERS FOR THE STARS:  Another sci fi novella, which will be featured/promoted at the May 2017 SFWA Nebula Award Conference.  Baby Boomers, kept alive far too long by advances in the science of longevity, once served as guinea pigs for the fledgling science of interstellar travel.  Now things are even worse…

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