Another Top Five Films Available (as of today) on Netflix Streaming


But, in case March is still too blustery, you can always dive back underneath that down throw to watch another of my personal top films currently available on Netflix streaming:

  1. IMPOSTER (2001). I think this haunting, moody, complex Bladerunner-esque masterpiece…with a sexy Gary Sinise…deserves a lot more than 2 ½ stars.
  2. VEHICLE 19 (2013).  On the other hand, 4 ½ stars aptly rewards this neatly plotted action thriller.
  3. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL (2003).  Always fun to watch, or re-watch, Johnny Depp calmly stepping onto the dock as his ship sinks beneath the waves.
  4. TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH (1949).  Classic WWII flyer flick, starring Gregory Peck.
  5. BUS STOP (1956),  Whatever all else, Marilyn Monroe deserves real credit for her acting in this somewhat off-beat tale of an innocent cowboy and an out-of-luck showgirl.

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