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Shooting Shame

As most of you know, I was brought up in a world where however staunchly my father supported Adlai Stevenson, he was still capable of listening with respect to the man who first warned us about the military-industrial complex, President Eisenhower. It has disturbed me for a long time to find that I now occupy a world where it appears that this kind of thing is no longer possible. Regrettably left/right agreement can’t bring back a single child that was lost in this most recent shooting, but I, at least, think it means something that I can staunchly agree with the first paragraph in this presents-both-sides report I subscribe to despite its having been written by a conservative. And, however much I oppose the NRA, I can certainly “hear” a right-winger saying of future school shootings: “How many parents will bring guns with them and race for the school’s entrance before the cops can stop them? If you have reason to fear that your local PD won’t put their lives on the line to save your child, you have only one option.” But…what do you think?


Awful Age

I once read somewhere that what aging really is, on the most basic level, is your cells…when they replicate…start making “mistakes.” If you’re privy to something akin to my sick sense of humor, you can learn to laugh at some ways in which this manifests. Like I defy the most…
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Idiots Abound

April Activity

Sources so exclusive that I’m confident no one else has heard of this have revealed to me that a top-secret meeting is taking place this month on an obscure island only reachable by private plane. Fantastically, no expense will be spared while the CDC, the FDA, Joe Biden, Donald Trump,…
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Before Breakfast

Finally John Steinbeck’s Breakfast inspired me to write the following: Alone by Sue Hollister Barr On January 1st of 1988 I suddenly found myself utterly alone with two young children to support. The cold fury of endless blizzards swirling around me perfectly echoed the cold horror swirling around inside me.…
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Bus Breakfast

My brother John was also inspired by John Steinbeck’s Breakfast to write the following: A Tale of a Carless Country Gentleman by John Barr You may have read in the newspapers that the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen had such flooding that houses washed down hillsides. You would have thought it was California!…
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Bountiful Breakfast

My nephew Nat, a writer and musician whose music you can listen to here, was inspired by John Steinbeck’s Breakfast to write the following: What I Didn’t Say in the Yelp Reviews by Nat Barr When we moved in together, I noticed that she didn’t like to drink coffee at home.…
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