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Malleable Memories

Fancy at least the concept of more serious reading, while you know damn well you’re not about to give up the comfortably compelling tropes of genre writing?  Try Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending.  A profound examination of all the ways our memories contribute to our self-deception is deftly sugar-coated with a driving plot and cliff-hanger-ish mystery.  It’s an exploration and utterly ruthless understanding of aging and rationalization that I haven’t found elsewhere.  But be prepared to leave the comfort-zone romanticism with which you justify your own life…and to which you may never return.

Click here for the Kindle version that you won’t have to sanitize.

All of which seems appropriate as the snow rages outside, and I wonder…even when vaccinated…if endemic COVID will ever let us return to what we at least thought was normal.  But, hopefully, yours is a reasonably functional, snug place to “shelter in place” and contemplate at leisure the past, present, and future mysteries of it all.

General Rantings

Liberty’s Law

I was born and have lived most of my life in a city with a huge, commodious harbor in which a tall statue of a woman holds a lit torch high to welcome all…especially whatever tired, poor, huddled, homeless masses arrive from wherever it is they come from.  Even the…
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General Rantings

Dangerously Deluded Democrats

Yes, we won.  On Friday, November 7th, I knew the minute it finally happened when I heard my whole neighborhood erupt with cheering like we used to do for the healthcare workers.  Pennsylvania, that I’d thought would take the weekend to finish ballot counting, had come through. Horns honked.  I…
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Flash Fiction

Terrible Trumpeting

Once upon a time, in a kingdom close at hand, the fairest in the land dropped her phone.  The glass shattered.  The phone pinged.  The Fairest picked it up and squinted at a now-unreadable text, presumably from the Real King.  Shrugging, she dutifully texted him back a thumbs up, only…
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Other Stuff

Heavenly Hostess

Preacher’s kid that I am, I haven’t believed in a god, let alone any kind of heaven, since I was 11 years old.  Nor did I believe in my Grandma Davis, who definitely did believe in everything her Southern Baptist upbringing taught her.  Child of the north that I was,…
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Berber Breeding

It was a rough trek, countless hours swaying and jerking back and forth across the dunes as my camel planted and replanted his enormous feet in the sand.  But, though no path marked their way, the wind whispered of countless others over the centuries who’d traversed this part of Morocco. …
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