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Maine Musings 001

My Maine in-laws were also part of America’s 1960s counterculture.  With their own four hands they added a seemingly infinite and charmingly whimsical labyrinth of rooms to an august old farmhouse in the woods.  Not only the four children they raised there but everyone on the planet, most assuredly including your truly, feels at home there.  When I’m not there, Gaye (my son in-law’s mother) delights me with email:

Of Emergency Rooms and Girls-Go-Shopping by Gaye Bussey

Dave’s thumb is healing up nicely.  It was definitely bad enough for the emergency room and stitches but not critical…thumb was not about to fall off.  We arrived at the ER before 3 p.m. and didn’t leave until a little after 9.   He had a painful gash from his woodworking tools, which needed pressure to keep the bleeding from starting up again and was very uncomfortable.  But I suffered greatly from sitting in a hard chair…hard for a number of reasons…for over six hours.  Poor me.  A group of other waiters found they were allied by hating Biden, loving The Orange One, and telling stories about the entitled conduct of the immigrant population.  About Hour Five I realized I could ask to go to the treatment room where Dave was being stitched up so my smoldering hair did not actually burst into flames.  I will say the PA and nurse who stitched and bandaged him up were very patient, careful, and did not rush…which was a nice way to end up the ER stay.

Rachel and Judy were here through New Year’s Day.  We did two nice Girls-Go-Shopping Days over that weekend.  We weren’t looking for anything in particular but both of them found a couple of perfect pieces of clothing at a fun-to-look-around-in import store in Brunswick.  Sweater (perfect size) and a kind of dress tunic thing for Rachel and bright pink Indian-ish style long shirt or tunic for Judy.  Could have come from a time machine from the 60s.  On Sunday, we left early for the train station in Freeport and both of them found some nice tops in Bean’s outlet store.  We had lunch and were in plenty of time for the train.  But the house is now veeeeeery empty.  (Except for the guinea pigs.)  Weather is drizzly and cold but not cold enough for the beauty that is snow.

General Rantings

Shopping Savvy

No, this is not going to be a Call for a Return to Brick-and-Mortar.  Except for a few instances where hands-on, actual exposure to what I’m about to buy justifies the time involved in actually visiting a store, I’m an avid, very appreciative, online shopper. It does have its frustrations. …
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Flash Fiction

Sensitive Skin

Tendrils of thought…mostly, annoyingly, about skin, since that was what its pre-ultracentrifuge liberated embryonic cell self was supposed to develop into…flitted through its only intermittent consciousness. What, oh what, have I become? A human approached, perceivable as a cacophony of sound and smell, but mostly light distortion due to his…
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Barrymore Best

Okay, it’s creaky…embarrassingly hokey at times…but if you want even your pretty jaundiced spirits lifted at the end, this doctor prescribes State’s Attorney, a classic 1932 film with the legendary John Barrymore: “I’m not looking at your legs, madam,” says Barrymore’s character, a D.A., to the “dish” on the…
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Conscious Care

A darling daughter of mine once remarked, “The last thing your parents teach you is how to die.” What I had just told her, from the vantage point of my sixties, was that the day dawns when you no longer care what a particular part of your body looks like;…
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Sneaky Snake

Gorgeous guy in a film that turns all your cliched expectations on their respective ears?  What’s not to love in the 2014 film, Cut Snake?  Still I admit that the only reason I oh-so-thankfully watched it to the end was because I was stuck in a situation where I didn’t…
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