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Two Titillations

Not too long ago…as a former acquisitions editor for a literary agency…I searched for some promising beginnings in books of all genres for a special promotion.  My rejection-vs.-acceptance rate was about 25 rejected for each one I accepted, and I didn’t allow myself to be swayed by the opinions of others.  Even among those I did accept, the two reviews below only represent what I, at least, considered the crème de le crème:

“It’s beautiful,” says the intrepid heroine of JE Rowney’s novel Derelict.  “Is that the right word?  I mean, it’s empty, and bleak, cold and abandoned, but…I think it’s beautiful.”  She’s just discovered “urban exploration” and refers to an abandoned hospital but could as easily be describing her marriage.  Still, no melodrama is to be found here; JE Rowney’s writing is superbly crafted without being pretentious, concise without being hurried, and rich with symbolism without appearing to be conscious of the lush spell it weaves.  If you’re looking for a true original amidst a sea of cliché, click here to purchase on Amazon.

Tired of the predictable?  Try Ric Rae’s truly original sci-fi novella Monsters Inside.  With a flawlessly adept prose style and true sense of the profound, even the raunchiest scenes are deeply compelling.  You know you’re in good hands when the simile used to capture the heroine’s drug-induced hallucinations is “his face swirled like a Van Gogh.”  Buckle up; you’re in for the ride of your life.  Click here to purchase on Amazon.

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Pubescent Putin

My brother Maury…a talented poet and writer whose books are available here and whose far-more-tasteful-than-mine website is…has said what, it could be argued, no woman could get away with saying without censure: Headline: Antisatellite Nuclear Weapon Oh, your smile! It’s Mr. Crafty! What are you doing? Put your pecker…
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General Rantings

According Ability

We all know Karl Marx’ words:  “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  He (who, in the 19th century, only considered he/him folk worthy of discussion) was talking about the division of a particular society’s assets.  I (who, in the 21st century, only very recently…
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Flash Fiction

Mighty Mouse

“Damn mouse!” I didn’t dare respond, but my wife’s anger worried me.  She was cleaning the fresh mouse shit off the kitchen counter with enough homicidal rage to viciously slaughter someone a lot bigger than that poor mouse. “Whad’ya do this time, Husband Dearest?  Replace my old-fashioned, snap-their-little necks mouse…
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Fabulous Foolishness

I highly recommend a 1949 film entitled My Foolish Heart, currently available for free on Amazon Prime.  Despite the title, you can stop rolling your eyes.  The only authorized film adaptation of anything written by J.D. Salinger, it may not be perfect, but his authenticity made the unique cultural and…
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General Rantings

Slippery Science

I’ll start by giving the other side of this argument its due: Like the bible, in which passages can be found to support both sides of remarkably opposite points of view, respectable scientific experiments and statistical analysis can be found to support both the politically polarized left and right in…
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