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Flash Fiction

Moody Mark

Their beard itched under their KN-95.  Do I even need this fucking thing anymore?

Mark smiled suddenly, reflecting on the latest COVID vaccination and positivity stats as they turned a sharp corner and ran into a maskless person coughing.

Then again…

Could Cuomo, of all people, be trusted for accurate stats?  Were the CDC’s swings (from masks-aren’t-necessary to masks-are-essential) any more predictable than Mark’s moods had been over the past year?

But then it hit them.  The view of New York Harbor with the sun just beginning to set behind the Statue of Liberty.  Nothing gaudy, just a soft, gentle glow.  Mark all but ran the remaining steps needed to get onto the Brooklyn Promenade.

Open sky stretched out all around them.  Clouds swirled with stately dignity into a serenely majestic vortex.

“Watch where yer goin’!”

They looked down to discover another maskless person easily within six feet of them.  This one was, at least, kind of cute.  “Sorry!  The harbor…”

“Yeah.  Never gets old, that view, does it now?  I’m Pat.  You’re…”


“Nice ta’ meetcha’.”

Mark could smell an inviting human warmth, even through their KN-95.  Would it be tactless to ask if Pat was fully vaccinated?

Pat and Mark exchanged a bit more by way of introductions.  Turned out they’d both gotten the Pfizer vaccine earlier than most in their early thirties, because they were both teachers.  Turned out Pat, at least according to Pat, lived in an apartment on the promenade with the best view of Manhattan anywhere.

Mark smiled beneath their mask and looked out over the harbor again.  The sunset behind the Statue of Liberty had turned into a sizzling hot fire.  Mark felt better than they’d felt in many long, dreary months.  They giggled, so delighted that they stuttered.  “Meeting you, Pat, it’s…it’s…almost as good as…as…when Pennsylvania went to Biden!”

Oh this was going to be wonderful!  Just what they needed!  Just what they’d needed for so, so long!  Except…why the silence?

Mark turned to find Pat’s maskless face had turned to stone.  Finally, slowly, Pat spoke:  “You mean when Biden stole Pennsylvania?”

General Rantings

Viral Victory

NOT Wanted Dead or Alive:  SARS-CoV-2.  Hell, we know so little about this beast that’s responsible for our currently resurging pandemic, that we don’t even know if it IS dead or alive.  Most biologists say a virus isn’t alive, so do they feel anything as they float in the air like…
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Flash Fiction

Rescuing Raven

Once upon a midnight dreary, I got really bored.  So I stooped to calling my ex of a week ago. He said, “Nevermore.” I texted half a dozen friends. None responded.  It was, after all, Saturday night. I paced.  I fretted.  I recklessly left my place without as much as…
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Really Russian

I must, must, must plug a great film it took me way too long to just randomly stumble across…in the hope that I can spare you the unthinkable tragedy of never knowing it exists!!!  I will disclaimer this 2007 Russian film called, simply, 12 by granting that it was a…
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Malleable Memories

Fancy at least the concept of more serious reading, while you know damn well you’re not about to give up the comfortably compelling tropes of genre writing?  Try Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending.  A profound examination of all the ways our memories contribute to our self-deception is deftly…
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General Rantings

Liberty’s Law

I was born and have lived most of my life in a city with a huge, commodious harbor in which a tall statue of a woman holds a lit torch high to welcome all…especially whatever tired, poor, huddled, homeless masses arrive from wherever it is they come from.  Even the…
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