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Conscious Care

A darling daughter of mine once remarked, “The last thing your parents teach you is how to die.”

What I had just told her, from the vantage point of my sixties, was that the day dawns when you no longer care what a particular part of your body looks like; you only care whether or not it continues to function.

What I told her more recently is that you learn, to a large degree, to no longer care about much of anything.

I’m not talking about depression; I have never loved life more.  I’m not talking about insensitivity; I still care passionately about some things, like my children and grandchildren.  But there’s a whole very-long list…lazily meandering off into invisibility as is slips over the horizon…of things that used to concern me deeply that I no longer even bother to notice.

Perhaps it’s death-row mentality.  Does an inmate waiting for lethal injection worry about the paint chipping off the cell wall?  Maybe it’s just so many decades lived that I’ve finally really learned when emotion is pointless.  I can still engage in fiery, adrenaline-fueled, epic battle with the idiots who yet again failed to fix my laptop/washing machine/you-name-it, yet now I walk away…even if I lost that particular battle…in a state of complete calm, smiling softly when I hear a bird chirp, because, ultimately, I don’t give a shit.

This is, even if I am on death row, a freedom that slips me right through those bars and allows me to soar above it all.


Sneaky Snake

Gorgeous guy in a film that turns all your cliched expectations on their respective ears?  What’s not to love in the 2014 film, Cut Snake?  Still I admit that the only reason I oh-so-thankfully watched it to the end was because I was stuck in a situation where I didn’t…
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Flash Fiction

Potted Palm

Connection. It’s all about connection. Animals…separate, isolated, moving around as they do…don’t have time to feel the network. Consequently, animals don’t feel much of anything. And most of what little they do feel is based on some random, ephemeral memory of having been somewhere else, so it’s mostly inaccurate, exaggerated…
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General Rantings

Democrats Did Do

Respectfully offering a different opinion from Ina’s Guest Post last month, many suggest that, though not perfect, Democrats did do what they could to avoid the overturning of Roe v. Wade. As an example, Obama may have started his tenure as President with Democratic backing, but there were a lot…
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Guest Posts

Wade Was Withdrawn

Democratic Dallas Prosecutor Henry Wade’s detachment may have made Jane Roe’s victory possible, but his fellow Democrats’ detachment has made overturning Roe v. Wade possible.  My friend Ina contributes some food for thought: Guest Post by Ina Bransome Women of means (white feminists and white women of means) will always…
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General Rantings

Shooting Shame

As most of you know, I was brought up in a world where however staunchly my father supported Adlai Stevenson, he was still capable of listening with respect to the man who first warned us about the military-industrial complex, President Eisenhower. It has disturbed me for a long time to…
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