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General Rantings

Senior Statesmen

Senior Statesmen…not!  Would that the two bickering children I beheld on June 27th…who I can only forgive because both of these senior citizens have obviously lost it one way or another…could even be described as gentlemen!

Given my own age, I am…whether you like it or not…claiming the right to be ageist.  But I’m old enough to remember the first Kennedy-Nixon presidential debate in which the then Senator Kennedy started with, “Mr. Smith [that debate’s moderator], Mr. Nixon. In the election of 1860, Abraham Lincoln said the question was whether this nation could exist half-slave or half-free. In the election of 1960, and with the world around us, the question is whether the world will exist half-slave or half-free, whether it will move in the direction of freedom, in the direction of the road that we are taking, or whether it will move in the direction of slavery.”

Mr. Smith?  Mr. Nixon?  Shall we, can we bear to, compare to the first presidential debate 64 years later to answer the question of whether we moved in any direction we could possibly want?  I’m not even addressing the issues; I’m just starting with basic civility and the dignity of those that could lay claim to the title of statesmen…or “statespeople.”  Surely no such respect can be afforded opponents who refer to each other with gender-specific pronouns rather than name amidst incessant rebuttals that consist of accusing each other of lying.

Flash Fiction

Idiotic Intelligence

My calling this fiction is, tragically, a bit of a stretch… “But I’m holding the letter I received today in my hand!  At first I thought, when I started getting these letters, that it was a scam, an attempt to get me to call some bogus number and give my…
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Two Titillations

Not too long ago…as a former acquisitions editor for a literary agency…I searched for some promising beginnings in books of all genres for a special promotion.  My rejection-vs.-acceptance rate was about 25 rejected for each one I accepted, and I didn’t allow myself to be swayed by the opinions of…
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Guest Posts

Pubescent Putin

My brother Maury…a talented poet and writer whose books are available here and whose far-more-tasteful-than-mine website is…has said what, it could be argued, no woman could get away with saying without censure: Headline: Antisatellite Nuclear Weapon Oh, your smile! It’s Mr. Crafty! What are you doing? Put your pecker…
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General Rantings

According Ability

We all know Karl Marx’ words:  “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  He (who, in the 19th century, only considered he/him folk worthy of discussion) was talking about the division of a particular society’s assets.  I (who, in the 21st century, only very recently…
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Flash Fiction

Mighty Mouse

“Damn mouse!” I didn’t dare respond, but my wife’s anger worried me.  She was cleaning the fresh mouse shit off the kitchen counter with enough homicidal rage to viciously slaughter someone a lot bigger than that poor mouse. “Whad’ya do this time, Husband Dearest?  Replace my old-fashioned, snap-their-little necks mouse…
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