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General Rantings

Liberty’s Law

I was born and have lived most of my life in a city with a huge, commodious harbor in which a tall statue of a woman holds a lit torch high to welcome all…especially whatever tired, poor, huddled, homeless masses arrive from wherever it is they come from.  Even the specific word “homeless” is engraved on the plaque inside the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal.

I started school in the 1950s and had my head filled with doctrine about everything this country is still supposed to stand for, including a staunch and absolute adherence to the Statue of Liberty’s promise.

Despite the multitude of flaws I’ve discovered with maturity, I still love my country, all its people (even the ones I violently disagree with), and everything it’s supposed to stand for, including the Statue of Liberty’s promise.

It is unconscionable, not to mention flying in the face of a code of etiquette the entire planet respects, to turn down a single, desperate person seeking asylum in this land.

That said, I totally respect the massive problems inherent to unlimited, uncontrolled immigration.  While I would extend my hand without question to anyone struggling to swim to our shores, the moment that person set foot here…or even lay exhausted on the beach here…I would hold them responsible for the same codes of behavior that bind me, a citizen.  And, unlike a citizen who has a proven track record and a well-established right to remain, I wouldn’t have any problem whatsoever shoving that poor exhausted swimmer right back into the ocean if…say…their first act after catching their breath was to snatch my purse.

As a citizen of this country, I have to pull my own weight and pay taxes that (presumably) contribute to the common good.  The same should…and could, despite all the carping to the contrary…be expected of almost all (with the possible exception of the extremely old or disabled) who come here.  I do not feel that I or any other citizen of the USA should have to support them or bend over backwards to accommodate them.

In summation, what I’m saying is always, always, always, let ‘em in, let ‘em all in.  But after that be every bit as ruthless in your demands and expectations of them as is necessary to guarantee that they contribute, rather than detract from, their new land.  And if they do contribute by working harder and cheaper than you do, accept that that’s free enterprise and the American way.

General Rantings

Dangerously Deluded Democrats

Yes, we won.  On Friday, November 7th, I knew the minute it finally happened when I heard my whole neighborhood erupt with cheering like we used to do for the healthcare workers.  Pennsylvania, that I’d thought would take the weekend to finish ballot counting, had come through. Horns honked.  I…
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Flash Fiction

Terrible Trumpeting

Once upon a time, in a kingdom close at hand, the fairest in the land dropped her phone.  The glass shattered.  The phone pinged.  The Fairest picked it up and squinted at a now-unreadable text, presumably from the Real King.  Shrugging, she dutifully texted him back a thumbs up, only…
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Other Stuff

Heavenly Hostess

Preacher’s kid that I am, I haven’t believed in a god, let alone any kind of heaven, since I was 11 years old.  Nor did I believe in my Grandma Davis, who definitely did believe in everything her Southern Baptist upbringing taught her.  Child of the north that I was,…
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Berber Breeding

It was a rough trek, countless hours swaying and jerking back and forth across the dunes as my camel planted and replanted his enormous feet in the sand.  But, though no path marked their way, the wind whispered of countless others over the centuries who’d traversed this part of Morocco. …
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Idiots Abound

Well Wishers

All right, in my heart of hearts I do understand that gratitude is the only appropriate reaction to anyone who wishes me well.  When I was first diagnosed with a serious medical condition, some responded magnificently…most notably my truly magnificent daughters.  But I did have to bite back less-than-gracious responses…
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