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Flash Fiction

Terrible Trumpeting

Once upon a time, in a kingdom close at hand, the fairest in the land dropped her phone.  The glass shattered.  The phone pinged.  The Fairest picked it up and squinted at a now-unreadable text, presumably from the Real King.  Shrugging, she dutifully texted him back a thumbs up, only idly wondering what she’d just agreed to before resuming her stroll through the Royal Rose Garden.

The phone rang.  The Fairest checked to be sure no broken glass would cut her cheek before putting it to her ear.  “Hello?”

“How could you!”

The Fairest frowned.  Some random stranger had gotten her number again.  “How could I what?”


“Agree to…”

“The Real King!”

The Fairest’s dreamy gaze was drawn to the White Palace glittering in the sunlight.  Should she bother to mention the shattered glass on her phone?  She shook her head amidst her luxurious cloud of brown hair with caramel-blonde highlights.  “Oh, well…  One always does end up having to agree with him in the end anyway, doesn’t one?”

“But to that wall, the one that will block all sunlight from the surface of the earth?”

The Fairest tutted.  “How can a wall block all sunlight from the surface of the earth?”

“It can if it’s wrapped around the entire planet, intended to keep ‘real aliens’ out!”

The Fairest did feel a slight pang at that, having recently sustained a whole lot of bad press for removing things from the Royal Rose Garden to let more sunlight in, but she knew the Real King well enough not to trouble herself over trying to change his mind.  So she shrugged yet again.  “Oh, well…”

Other Stuff

Heavenly Hostess

Preacher’s kid that I am, I haven’t believed in a god, let alone any kind of heaven, since I was 11 years old.  Nor did I believe in my Grandma Davis, who definitely did believe in everything her Southern Baptist upbringing taught her.  Child of the north that I was,…
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Berber Breeding

It was a rough trek, countless hours swaying and jerking back and forth across the dunes as my camel planted and replanted his enormous feet in the sand.  But, though no path marked their way, the wind whispered of countless others over the centuries who’d traversed this part of Morocco. …
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Idiots Abound

Well Wishers

All right, in my heart of hearts I do understand that gratitude is the only appropriate reaction to anyone who wishes me well.  When I was first diagnosed with a serious medical condition, some responded magnificently…most notably my truly magnificent daughters.  But I did have to bite back less-than-gracious responses…
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Flash Fiction

Deadly Dark

It was a dark and stormy night. But inside the flying saucer all was calm and bright.  And all the other conditions absolutely essential to survival for the man-eating aliens aboard were also in perfect working order, including the exact right mix of atmosphere and air pressure. Floodor pecked at…
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Lethal Luggage

We all know that being overweight is bad, but I haven’t seen a whole lot written about how very much worse it is for the elderly…almost to the point of being a fairly reliable death sentence.  However, I immediately grant that the potentially presumptuous statement I just made is based…
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