Barnett Berger: A Poem In His Memory By A Friend Who Wished To Remain Anonymous

Barnett Berger

The poem below is by a friend of Barnett Berger, who wished to remain anonymous.

I woke up to drifting clouds
as Mother Nature came rolling in
with lightning flashing throughout the sky.
And as the birds departed
from the crackling of thunder all around,
the sun stayed hidden
behind the gray background.
It was the end of the world
for anyone who had been left outside.

So batten down the hatches
and pray yourself that you make it out alive,
because there really isn’t anywhere to run to
when the storms come
except for you to run for cover.
And for you to wonder
at the searching of the souls of the ones
who have preached of rainbows
and morning suns,
when in a tomorrow there are no promises.

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