Tales of the Storage Space, Part 147

Imogene snatched the tablet out of Tommy’s hand when he stopped her wheelchair in front of the elevator.  But she was like effin’ distracted and all when he wrapped his arms around her from behind.  Again she was startled, and a little freaked out, because it felt good.  She caught herself melting into his arms…and knew he felt it too.

His breath warmed her ear as he whispered, “Don’t worry:  I lied to the discharge nurse.  Your father’s not waiting for you in the lobby.”

At the mention of her father, even his absence, she stiffened and remembered ^URS.  This is not a puppy love?  She furiously typed Tommy’s password, all one word, into his tablet.

As sobs convulsed her, she saw Tommy snatch out his phone to play his Minecraft.

WTFwasImogeneCoca:  U there?  U there?  U there?  U there?

^URSunPC&proud:  alwayss alwayss alwayss alwayss

WTFwasImogeneCoca:  U said try Tommy not me!  Thought U gonna disappear again!  Thought U didn’t want me anymore!

^URSunPC&proud:  always want u want u now but in real life

WTFwasImogeneCoca:  But I’ve never met U in RL.

There was a long pause, long enough for Imogene to worry about the tablet’s internet connection.  She didn’t hear Tommy playing Minecraft behind her either and turned to find him giving her a long, funny look before going back to his phone.

^URSunPC&proud:  yes u havee

WTFwasImogeneCoca:  ???????????????????

^URSunPC&proud:  not playingg minecraft

WTFwasImogeneCoca:  ?

^URSunPC&proud:  not playing

WTFwasImogeneCoca:  ?

^URSunPC&proud:  look at me

A wave of warm breath hit the back of her neck.  Again she turned to see Tommy looking at her.

^URSunPC&proud:  watch me type alwayss got yr back

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