Thanks to stellar advances in longevity, Earth is overrun by Baby Boomers well into their hundreds.  Social Security being the stuff of history books, subsequent generations must find some way to put all those Boomers to good use…challenging since few have minds that have survived along with their bodies.  But the silver lining is that few can complain about what some of those uses are.

Mary, born in rural Virginia in 1948, never was the good girl just hoping to catch a husband that her family expected.  Instead of minding her evening chores, she memorized the constellations as she marveled at the majesty of the night sky.

All she ever wanted was to somehow, someday make it to the stars.

Now, in a charity nursing home amidst the rubble of a post-industrial Africa, she might finally have lived long enough to see her wish come true.  But only if she can escape the dangerous horror that is her nursing home, free the other Boomers there…including the one who thinks she’s Marilyn Monroe and the one who thinks he’s Napoleon…and remember what her own name is.