Tales of the Storage Space, Part 24

Karen felt something, a weak fluttering under her cool, clammy skin.  Fast.  Was that…her pulse?  Her eyes seemed to be open.  Through swirls of green mist, she thought she saw the fingers of one hand resting on the inside wrist of her other.  Was it minutes, hours or days later?  Karen was so confused, and grasping for breath.

The green mist swirled, hypnotic, adding to Karen’s dizziness and nausea, even though she was lying down.  Still, weakly, her stomach also grumbled with hunger and she smelled something.  French fries.

And ketchup?  And something else, something metallic…

Her hand…  Had the bleeding finally slowed?

Karen tried to flip her hand over to check, only to be met with waves of wooziness.  Silence.  She was alone in the back of her storage unit with no phone.  Karen opened her mouth and screamed for help but couldn’t even hear it herself.

Was it already too late?  Even if the hand she was too weak to flip over had finally stopped bleeding?

A summer’s day…

Half the green mist now swirled around Karen’s face.  Sunlight sparkled through it.  Karen’s eyes closed.  She saw a summer’s day with flowers starting to bloom as a man’s elegant and melodic voice spoke of “the darling buds of May.”

Light!  The light became so bright, and Karen longed for it so.  She strained to reach it, to reach the sun, her feet seeming to leave the earth behind her.

“No, Karen, no!”

Frank’s voice pulled her back.  Her eyes fluttered open.  Two separate green mists seemed to be at war with each other in front of her.  Karen struggled for breath.

French fries.

Karen’s fingers twitched.  It seemed all she could do.


Her stomach heaved with nausea, but then it grumbled.  Ever so slowly, Karen slid her arm across the floor.  

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