My Personal Top Five Films Available (as of today) on Netflix Streaming


Okay, winter is upon us but you don’t want to write The Great American Novel?  Then put aside the laptop, venture out from underneath that down throw long enough to nuke the popcorn, and dive back underneath it to watch one (or more) of the films below that are currently available on Netflix streaming:

  1. DAWN PATROL (2014).  Despite negative reviews, I think stark realism and tight plotting give this surfer murder mystery depth and sophistication.
  2. SWERVE (2011).  Again, despite the negative reviews that may account for its easy availability, I liked this lightly done modern noir that’s set in the Australian outback.
  3. THE REF (1994).  Truly hysterical, with the battle between a hostage couple driving their captor crazy.
  4. THE GREAT GATSBY (1974).  This version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow is wonderfully moody and dreamlike.
  5. HIS GIRL FRIDAY (1940).  The battle between Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell is not to be missed.

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