An Even Shorter Story

Flash Fiction

“The poor quality of this new shipment is absolutely appalling.”

“It’s my suppliers.  Whaddaya gonna do?”

“Oh come now.  Half of your last batch died before we completed the first round of experiments.  And this shipment’s humans look even less disease-resistant.”

“Who ya gonna go to instead?”

“Perhaps…one of the missions.”

“Them humans selling humans?  What perks they givin’ out these days?  Them frequent flyer miles?  Think they’ll ever offer you…eternal life?”

“Look, God, let’s be real.  That eternal life nonsense is about as likely to materialize as my last check to you that, of course, is in the mail.”

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Out with the sold; in with the new…

…author’s edition of my horror novel, Twisted, with heartfelt thanks to all who have bought, read, and given the original conventionally published version five-star reviews.  I think you’ll like this new version…much meaner and cleaner with new twists in the plot…even better.  You can get it on Amazon (paperback or…
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