Happy Holidays!

Other Stuff

And several goodbyes:


Goodbye to Tales of the Storage Space, the saga of a Brooklyn building, down on its luck, which was once so much more. (I posted the final episode, Part 150, last week.)

Goodbye to my weekly posts, which I’ve been doing since December 2015. I’ll be posting on the first of every month from now on (though it just so happens that the first of next month is exactly one week from today).

Goodbye even to the current look of this website, which will also change dramatically in the new year to better emphasize my books and, in future, my photography.

Goodbye to the the 21st century’s teen years. It was a wild ride! Smartphones. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Tornadoes. Trump…


Hello to my-first-of-the-month posts on a variety of subjects from flash fiction (complete in a single post) to book and film reviews to random observations about life.

Hello to my upcoming new website design. (After a few days of downtime to facilitate the change.) Lively. Entertaining. Encourages you to buy my books! (Though I’m still giving away free ebooks and even audiobooks, with no strings attached.)

Hello, a bit later, to my photography, featuring such exotic locales as Istanbul, Egypt, Cambodia, Morocco, and the Kingdom of Tonga.

Hello, a mere week from now, to the year 2020. May its name be an accurate description of our vision as we grapple with its many challenges.

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